International projects

Rakvere Vocational School participates in various international projects. The school´s international co-operation has been acknowledged with Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter as it has track records of proven quality in organising VET mobility for learners and staff to further develop its European internationalisation strategies.  The Charter aims to reward and promote quality in mobility enabling the school to further develop the international strategies.

Learning mobility has been regular since 2005. Mobility projects, which are mainly financed by Erasmus+ programme, are important for both students and teachers. On the average, 40 students and 10 teachers participate in mobility projects every year. We also host students and teachers from our partner schools.

Our school participates already for the third time in Georgia´s vocational education development project which is financed by Estonian Development Cooperation.

Additional information:

Katre Lomp
Erasmus+ project manager
+372 329 5043

Kristi Parm
development and quality manager
+372 329 5035

The school co-operates with the following countries:
Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Great Britain, Georgia.